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amaran F21/F22 Bracket Replacement Program

We are excited to launch the amaran F21 and F22 Bracket Replacement Program! After collecting your valuable feedback, we will be improving the X Bracket used for mounting the amaran F21 and F22 light and are officially initiating an exchange program to replace all the previous versions of the bracket.

This program applies to any amaran F21x, F21c, F22x, & F22c fixtures that come with the original bracket design. 

All customers who purchased these fixture models can apply for this replacement program. Bracket replacements will be tracked by serial number, so be sure to find your F21 or F22 fixture’s serial number (located on the bottom of the control box next to the 3-pin XLR power input).

For Users in US & Canada:

To request a bracket replacement, fill out the amaran F21/F22 Bracket Replacement Application Form. Please note that we require a serial number for each fixture for which you would like a replacement bracket. You will not have to return your existing bracket. 

For Users in Other Regions (Excluding EU*):

Contact your point of purchase and ask them to trade in your old bracket for the new and improved version. Please note that your dealer will require the serial number(s) for each fixture. Do not use the form below.

* The Bracket Replacement Program in the EU ended on December 29th, 2023.

What did we improve?

Improving upon the designs of the original F21 and F22 brackets, the new X Brackets have big changes resulting in enhanced rigidity and security for amaran F21/22 fixtures.

The X Bracket’s support tubes each have a 2-stage spring-loaded design, ensuring that the light mat is stretched taut and the bracket always stays attached. Attaching these brackets to F21 and F22 fixtures is straightforward and quick – simply press opposing arms inward and insert the end hooks into the grommets located at the corners of the fixture.

The new X Bracket also sets up faster than the original. Users only need to lift up the four support tubes from their folded positions, and slide each arm into the mounting block to secure them in place. 

For transport, the X Brackets fold down into a compact package and easily replace the original bracket in the F21 and F22 cases, so there is no need to carry them separately.

Based on great feedback from users, the upgraded X Bracket also features an integrated knurled baby pin, allowing users to mount their F21/22 directly to a baby pin receiver instead of using the 90º Baby Pin or Straight Baby Pin adapters paired with the original bracket.

Do all new units have the new bracket?

If you recently ordered an amaran F21 or F22 and received a kit with the original bracket (pictured here) and Straight Baby Pin & 90º Baby Pin adapters, you are eligible for this replacement program.

Currently, it is not possible for us to determine the number of original and updated kits in each dealer’s inventory, including our Shopify store. However, moving forward, all newly manufactured F21 and F22 kits will include the updated X Bracket in place of the original and will remove the original Straight Baby Pin and 90º Baby Pin adapters.

Order Status

Check the status of your Replacement bracket here.