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amaran Spotlight SE


amaran's First Projection Lens Modifier


The Spotlight SE is the first amaran Bowens Mount precision projection lens designed to instantly transform Bowens Mount point-source lights with up to 300W of power output into a shapeable spotlight with an even beam.

*Spotlight SE Iris in image is sold separately.


Customize your lighting to suit your needs with 19º lens and 36º lens options. Use the 19º lens to focus the light output into a tighter team with further reach, or use the 36º lens for a wider illumination. To make sure you can adapt to any situation on the fly, you can easily swap between the Spotlight SE lens options.

*Spotlight SE Iris in image is sold separately.


With 4 built-in metal shutters, you can quickly and precisely cut the Spotlight SE's beam output and various angles. Additionally, you can modify the shape further with the included 15 M-size Gobos and the optional 18-Leaf Spotlight SE Iris*, all with pinpoint accuracy.

*Spotlight SE Iris in image is sold separately.


Featuring a universal Bowens accessory mount, the Spotlight SE is compatible with Bowens Mount point-source lights with up to 300W of power output, ranging from the amaran COB 60d S to the Aputure LS 300x, and the all-new amaran 150c and 300c full-color fixtures.

*Spotlight SE Iris in image is sold separately.

Technical Specifications



Gobo Size



19º Lens Retracted

26.8 x Ø10.2cm / 10.6 x Ø4.0in

19º Lens Extended

31.0 x Ø10.2cm / 12.2 x Ø4.0in

36º Lens Retracted

24.8 x Ø10.2cm / 9.8 x Ø4.0in

36º Lens Extended

21.1 x Ø10.2cm / 8.3 x Ø4.0in



620g / 1.37lbs

19º Lens Only

828g / 1.8lbs

36º Lens Only

548g / 1.2lbs


78g / 0.2lbs

Gobo (Individual)

6g / 0.01lbs

What's in the Box

1x Spotlight SE

1x 19º Lens OR 36º Lens (Depending on Kit)

1x M-Sized Gobo Holder

15x M-Sized Gobos

1x Carrying Case


CCTDis.amaran 150camaran 300c
2,500K1m18,740 lux / 1,741 fc21,750 lux / 2,021 fc
3m2,082 lux / 193 fc2,417 lux / 225 fc
5m750 lux / 70 fc870 lux / 81 fc
3,200K1m20,470 lux / 1,902 fc23,940 lux / 2,224 fc
3m2,274 lux / 211 fc2,660 lux / 247 fc
5m819 lux / 76 fc958 lux / 89 fc
4,300K1m22,160 lux / 2,059 fc26,540 lux / 2,466 fc
3m2,477 lux / 230 fc3,150 lux / 293 fc
5m906 lux / 84 fc1,067 lux / 99 fc
5,600K1m22,330 lux / 2,075 fc28,560 lux / 2,653 fc
3m2,486 lux / 231 fc3,380 lux / 314 fc
5m913 lux / 85 fc1,149 lux / 107 fc
7,500K1m23,910 lux / 2,221 fc27,230 lux / 2,530 fc
3m2,657 lux / 247 fc3,026 lux / 281 fc
5m956 lux / 89 fc1,089 lux / 101 fc